The all important WIIFM
(Whats In It For Me)

What our lives would be like IF,
as our Founding Fathers intended,
we would have followed our Constitution?:

We would not have an Income Tax System, no IRS and NO tax Code ..

... we would most likely have some sort of fair taxation system
(every country needs some system of taxes)
that might tax things at the point of sale, once and only once,
would be Completely Fair and Completely Unbiased, Transparent,
where he who dies with the most toys paid the most tax
and where the inherant and imbeded hidden taxes
would come out of EVERY product made
creating a fair pricing structure for all goods and services...

...We would not have a Federal Reserve Independent Non-Governed body
of who knows how many chiefs and not enough indians...

... we would not be involved in wars that we will NEVER END in our lifetimes...

...would not have 60 million laws in 100,000 volumes of small print...

...we would not have a private "for profit" prison system with more people in prison per capita than any other country in the world...

...we would most likely have state owned banks responsible for carrying OUR peoples money such as Property TAX and Insurance escrows
(Consider: how many property mortgage payments are made each month
where 1/12th of the annual insurance and 1/12th of the annual property taxes
are collected, our money, but placed in the hands of the money masters
and NOT available to each individual states' population as it should be...

... and this list goes on and on and on

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