Why Start an Account?

How much money do You think People have given to Freedom type web sites or organizations?

What have theses organizations actually produced?

Excitement? Where did Excitement get YOU?

Many GROUPS out here suggest THEY are a part of a Freedom or Patriot Mentality.
Most "claim" to have massive MEMBER mailing lists.
They "CLAIM" to have big wins in the fight for Liberty and Freedom.

Why don't we have Liberty and Freedom Today?

Why are we losing more and more liberties with all these wins?

Why are we fighting MORE wars that will not end in our lifetime?

Why are we fighting the SAME Battles we were fighting 5-10-15 years ago?

How is it that our 2nd Amendment Rights Are so Vehemently being challenged?
Aren't THEY an "integral part" of our Constitution? Untouchable?

Why do we still have a Tax System that is ultimately unfair to all people, except the elitists?

Why do we NOW have 60 Million Laws in 100,000 Volumes of Small Print?

Why do we fear Police.
Why are they now dressed in Para Military garb insead of a basic uniform?
How did the police get relagated to being nothing more than Revenue Enforcement Officers?
Where did "To Protect and Defend" Go?

How did the Ron Paul Revolution just DRY UP and blow away so quickly.
It fell off the edge of the world?

Where did all the money go?

If these people were employees, they would have been gone ages ago!

The Reason "TotalPowerOFOne.com" does an account from which to draw is to keep OUR feet to the fire.
"WE" want YOU to know that "WE" are serious and we back it up with your ability to just leave
AND to take your funding with you.

Now, it still takes YOUR participation, but "WE" perform or YOU have a choice.

How many people WISH they could take back what they gave because they didn't get what they expected?

Is ANYBODY else doing that?

If we had gotten what we paid for, wouldn't we be seeing REAL CHANGE by now?

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