We have no idea, yet, of just how powerful we are.

The simplistic concept of one person, who communicates with only three people, who communicate with only three people on and on.

The potential begins with you...

What If YOU got 10 who would see the vision?

Could YOU build a citizen Army of 59,000?

Would YOU like to be a fly on the wall of an elected representative that gets 59,000
Letters, eMails or phone calls "suggesting"
an acceptable path being:
"Hey, we are watching. Abide by your Constitutional Oath and Affirmation, or guess what?"

Why not? Wasn't General Custer confronted by 50,000 indians.
He got the point!
(sorry, couldn't stop myself, my fingers hit the keys before I could think [kind of] )

Review this link

Yes it's a 2 minute "YouTube" clip
so don't get sucked in for the next three hours, watch it and then come back...

Seriously, do you think we have to be Confrontational, Antagonistic, or Adversarial with numbers like these.

Of course we don't.
ALL we need to do is communicate, collectively, immediately.

Total Power Of One is the hub...

We learn the Dance of Meaningful, Coordinated, Combined Communication.

We Read-Em-Our-Rights!

Total Power Of One = Total Power Of One More = Total Power Of Many More!

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