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One and One More Creating Many More

Only two things seem to count with Career politicians:
Numbers and Money

Here is the Irony, massive numbers of
"Particpating Constituents"
diminishes the money which comes from the
political process of lobbying, vote buying, influence.

Which do YOU prefer, Consititutional Representatives
or Vote buying for special Interest.

I'll go out on a limb here and say Constitutional Representation.
Forensic examination of historical voting records
would reveal some startling information.
Prosecutions for violations of the Oath and Affirmations to
Promote, Protect and Defend the Constitution would be off the charts.

What percentage of politicians do you think
would litterally be in serious trouble today if a Forensic exam of their Voting
records were implemented ?

It has been suggested that 90% of our problematic issues
in this country would go away
by doing one simple thing,
holding politicians Feet To The Fire to uphold
their Oath of Office. I happen to believe that statement.

I think THAT one statement
is the lowest common denominator of this entire web site.

It's not hard , It's not complicated, It has to be done.

Could it be said that it is the ONLY thing that hasn't been tried?

Subscribe today to TotalPowerOfOne.com

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Before you know it WE ARE the Constitutional Citizens Lobbyist group.

And since we stand ONLY on
Our Constitution and Bill of Rights
our opposition has not a leg to stand on.
Not one leg on which to stand.
Gravity takes over and down they go.
Sack of Potatoes.
We win.
Put em on the bus.
Not a shot fired.
And what did it cost?
A Whopping $2.50 a month.

Story of the pump.
Once you get that cool, crisp, clean, pure water flowing
all you need to do is keep a steady pressure
and an even rate on the pump handle
and IT will deliver GREAT GOVERNMENT
all for the amazing price of $2.50 a month.

If you haven't yet done the math, you give up
5 Tall Starbucks Cafe Mocha Double Blended Whipped with Carmel
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Or... ... ONE-HALF Carton of Cigarettes

EVERYTHING to gain, We erradicate BAD GOVERNMENT!
It's time!