Holding Their Feet To The Fire of Their Oath and Affirmation

Elected Officials take and Oath or Affirmation of office whereby the make a contract with "We The People" to Promote, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States, our Supreme Law Of The Land. If they fail to do so, either by outright action or VOTE, it is our Duty and Right to immediately remove them from their office and perhapos even Arrest and Prosecute for these types of violations.

Here's the issue, We The People have rarely done this. IF WE HAD, the problems we face today would never have been an issue, Politicians who attempt this lose their seat and perhaps even their Freedom. Yes it is that serious. The United States is the only country where it is recognized that We The People have created a government AND have the right to throw off and correct that government at any such time as IT demonstrates its unwillinness to fulfill the contract obligation of compliance to that all important writing.

We now find ourselves in need of a proper education in the Process of Law that facilitates the removal of an obviously hostile party TO the founding documents OF our country.

That process of law, Known as a "Declaratory Law Suit" is really a question, demanding an answer and a challenge of proof that the "Oath of Office", "Fiduciary Responsibility" AND Duty by the Representative is, in fact, valid. Has this Representative honored their Oath and Affirmation. The suit really is a Non-Adversarial, non-confrontational question: I believe that you Haveviolated your Oath of Office "Contract" with We The People?

The Burdon of Proof now lies with the representative to PROVE compliance and a Forensic Exam is now ordered to

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