Here is where the fun begins.

Subscribers to have access to the pending lesgislation area where opinions of legislation before either house is available.

Should pending legislation be consdiered NOT in concert with the Constitution, Subscribers can add their names and comments TO the letter drafted to their state representative indicating the position the representative is to take regarding votes toward such legislation.

Litterly thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands
of constitutent signatures,
attached to these strongly worded letters
notifying representatives "WE ARE WATCHING"
that this legislation
clearly violates provisions of our
Original, Organic 1776 Constitution.

These Letters are printed, hand delivered,
signed for by the represetatives office in Washington, DC
and also available for subscribers to view on line herein
along with the noted signature of receipt.

We are not fooling around
with errant legislation or Representatives who violate their
"Oath of Office", "Fiduciary Responsibility" and "Duty"
to We the People.

Now we have a service with teeth in it to convey,
in no uncertain terms,
with complete accountability AND reference
WHAT was communicated TO our Elected Officials.

You see, IF a counter to this process were to take shape,
it would hold no viability what-so-ever due to the fact that
that OUR process is inititated by the
Willfull Attempt to violate or negate
our Constitutional Provisions.

Socialists have no leg to stand on when it comes to the
Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law.

( Our Republic )

We hold all the cards.

If our letter includes 20 signatures per page
and 10,000 CONSTITUTENTS sign the letter
The package delivered TO the Representative
is in excess of 500 pages long.

That's 267,500 pages to all Representatives.

You think
"Custer's Last Stand"
might be a topic of conversation in those offices?

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