Good Government Costs Money
And "WE The People" Want the Best Government Money Can Buy ~ Don't We?

So, Since "We the People" just want to live our lives in peace
let's redefine WHAT Great Government Costs

Six Simple Steps to Great Government by
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1. Take a Trip to one of your Local Credit Unions

2. Open yourself a GREAT GOVERNMENT Account and Deposit $30.00
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6. Here's the EXPENSIVE PART
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~ In Fairness - I Warned you, Great Government is Really Expensive ~


Look at What JUST "ONE Power of ONE"
can do Talking to only 3 people

1. You Join and Go Get 3
2. Who each Go Get 3 = 9
3. Who each Get 3 = 27
4. Who each Get 3 = 81
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YOU, a simple "Power of ONE",
have the Power to generate 59,000
Potential "Power of ONE'S"
and that my friends is

Our "Custer's Last Stand"

Would YOU like to be a fly on the wall
of YOUR representatives Office when 59,000
citizen accountable communications hit his or her desk
reminding them of their "Oath and Affirmation" to the Constitution
along with a little Nudge of what happens "IF" they violate that sacred trust
on any and all votes for legislation before them ?

What would happen IF YOU talked to 10-20-50?

"We The People" ARE The Boss

A lobbyist may be able to offer them big money for votes,
"WE The People" make only one decision,
which 10 x 10 General Population Prison Cell from which they will be spending it.


What do you Get for your $2.50 a month?

* Ability to Purchase Fred Holden's Incredible 600 Page
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TOTAL Power of ONE in America
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THIS is Our "Missing
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Obfuscated and Manipulated Away From You / Us
This is the "STUFF" THEY don't want you to know.

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Quality Textbooks today cost hundreds of dollars

It is well past time we all are made aware and understand
EXACTLY "WHO and WHAT" we are in the big picture.
Most Likely you have no idea Who and What You Are just by Virtue of Being HERE, in America!
( Why did EVERYBODY want to come here? )

* View Five Rendered Constitutional Opinions
by our qualified Opinion Writers of any bill before either House
If Your Representative Voted FOR a Bill that Violates his or Her Oath Of Office, Guess What...

* Draft a STRONG letter With a simple click
to YOUR Representative regarding a bill that VIOLATES the Constitution
Reminding Your "ELECTED OFFICIAL" of the
'Oath and Affirmation, THEY TOOK to
Promote, Protect and Defend our Constitution from ALL
Enemies, Foreign and Domestic !

* That Letter will be printed and Hand Delivered
to Your Representative along with Thousands of others
of the same "COLLECTIVE mind"
the same "Collective Thought"
"Adearnace TO our CONSTITUTION"

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Subscriber Page Links
Action Pages \ EduPages
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The Bill Review Process
What ARE they doing in our name?
Violating an Oath and Affirmation
Pending Legislation Overviews and Opinions
Communicate with a Click
Auditing Elected Officials ~ where the Fun Begins
What is A Declaratory Forensic Action
Understanding the Constitutions provisions and how they apply to YOU
(Links to Michael Badnarick, Hillsdale College, Heritage Foundation, Making of America)
What IS Jurisdictional "Standing"
Article 1 Section 10: Congress shall make no law respecting the obligation of Contract
CAN the average person Understand the LAW ?
What are Rights as Opposed to Privledges
Common Law, God's Law, Man's Law, Statute Law
Declaration of Independence ~ Inalienable vs Unalienable Rights
5,000 years of Contracts
Contracts, Inside the Four Corners
Jurisdiction of the Court
Who is the REAL client of your Attorney or Lawyer
To be Enforceable a law must be knowable
Biblically, if ye have a dispute with your brother...
The Purpose of Court and Trial is to Come to Agreement
The "Hello how are you letter"...
Original Wet Signature Documents
Cross examinations ~ Compentent Fact Witnesses Testifying to Authenticated Evidence ~ that pesky "Truth" issue
What IS a Damaged Party
Citizen Grand Juries
Private Attorneys General
Reading them YOUR Rights
Feet to the Fire ( Us AND Them )
Protect and Defend Our Constitution Against ALL enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC
History of the World-in-Brief
Line of Thought
Founding Fathers | Declaration of Independence
U.S. Constitution | Bill of Rights
What we need to know about Taxes
Printable Archived PDF files from Fred Holden Print and hand out
635 Archived Radio Interviews with Fred Holden ~ Just a guy who gives a damn
Be Active in your neighborhood and community ~ this is the importnant Stuff

Consider ~ Almost EVERY Problem from which we suffer today
can be addressed by simply following our Founding Documents

It Doesn't get EASIER than that

* It is time to discover OUR Legal, Lawful,
Non-Adversarial, Non-Confrontational
Remedy to Remove Politicians
Violating their Oath and Affirmation.

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